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About Northern Lights Photography

Who, Where and Why? My name is Fredrik Broms and I live on the island Kvaløya outside Tromsø in Northern Norway where I run my own business company “Northern Lights Photography” as a wildlife photographer. My profession is as a Marine Biologist and I currently research the ecology and migration patterns of Eastern North Atlantic Humpback Whales.

InterestsAs long as I can remember I have been drawn to the far north, and I secretly dream about living alone in a lighthouse on some remote Arctic island surrounded by nothing else than the howling wind, the vast open sea and the silent black-and-white world of the Arctic pack-ice (and just perhaps, also some good strong black coffee and nice music). 

Two of my perhaps biggest interests; Marine Ecology and Astronomy, took me to Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic where I studied science with my focus on Arctic Plankton Ecology. Originally from Sweden, I have now lived in Northern Norway for more than 10 years, and with its superb conditions for Wildlife Photography, Astronomy and Marine Biology, I am not likely to move anywhere else in a hurry (although, admittedly, the coffee and environmental policy in Norway leave a great deal to be desired).

As a photographer, I spend most of my time shooting during night or in the subtle light of the Polar Darkness. 

Awards: In 2013 and 2010 I was awarded 2nd and 3rd place in the prestigious international photo competition “Astronomy Photographer of the Year”. In connection with this, a film team from London came to make a short documentary about how I work as a photographer. I have also been top-ranked in the international photo-contest by TWAN both in 2013 and 2009 and several of my photos have been selected by NASA to the famous Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). My photos have also won first price in several national photo contests and appear in many well respected magazines. My first fully-fledged international photo exhibition saw its first light in Ottawa, Canada in 2013.

Our documentary on northern lights (see below) recently (2015) won several high awards at the Film Art & Tourism Festival in Portugal including "BEST Script and Screenplay and also recently received an award handed over from former Oscar-winner Zbigniew Zmudzki at the FilmAT festival in Warszawa, Poland. The film was also one of the winning documentaries at Tourfilm festival in the Czech Republic. Having played for full houses in Washington and Seattle, the film was recently played in New York and Houston.

Books: In 2013, I published my first book; a 120-pages popular science hard-cover book "Northern Lights - A Guide" that I wrote together with solar physicist Dr. Pål Brekke. The book is currently available in Norwegian and English and is the most complete and updated popular science guide to the northern lights currently available. In December 2015, the book was published in Japanese in Japan.

Films: In 2014, I released a 25-minute long documentary "The Northern Lights - A Magic Experience", co-produced together with P. Brekke. By using pedagogic top-quality animations and spectacular solar imagery from NASA satellites it tells the full story of northern lights from myth to modern science and includes tips about how to take your own aurora photos. In 2015, a modified version of the documentary was released on DVD (available in 8 different languages). The trailer can be viewed on the link above.

General Information: All photos on this site are taken by me in the wild in a Nordic country unless otherwise stated. I do NOT use baiting and I keep a respectable distance to animals at all times. Unlike most wildlife photographers I travel very little and instead focus on the wildlife in the immediate closeness to my home and I try to use as environmentally friendly methods as possible in all steps of my work. 

Note: The photos in the galleries are only a very small selection of images and if you are looking for other photos, please contact me - the chances are high that I have the photo you are looking for even if it is not displayed in any of the galleries. All photos on the webpage are heavily reduced in size. Contact me for high-res versions or other options.

Equipment: I use Nikon equipment. I currently switch between the speedy D4s and D3 and the high-resolution and high dynamic range D800 depending on the situation. Lenses include my favourite lens for night-time landscapes; the AF-S Nikkor 14-24 mm as well as 28, 50, 70-200, 105 (macro), 180 and 300mm and the TC 1,7x converter. For astro-photography I also use an AstroTrac tracking platform.

Social Media: I am NOT to be found on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, and I still don't own a television or a smartphone. All this obviously limits the number of people and customers I reach but I prefer the personal touch and I simply can't see myself spending time in front of a screen instead of sitting and watching the fire in the livingroom or lying on the back in the snow and watch the starry night.

Some selected customers include e.g.: Nikon Pro Magazine, National Geographic Society, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Hurtigruten, NRK, SVT, Tromsø University, Thon Hotels, Rica Hotels, Norwegian Spacecentre, Cappelen Damm, Svalbard Reiseliv, Sveriges Naturskyddsförening, Ski Museum, Holmenkollen, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Macrocosme, Visit Sweden, Astronomi, Populär Astronomi, Astronomy Now among others.

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